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I used to meditate with an app and wake up with my phone's alarm. 

Then I made one simple change and my life got immeasurably better

Smartphones undermine everything cultivated by a regular meditation practice

  • So much for that post-practice feeling of calm. Ever finish meditating and see an email or text notification? Right back to reactivity.
  • We're losing our attention span. Fun survival mechanism: humans are wired to be distracted. (What moved in that bush?!?) Apps want our attention and take advantage of this — and as a side effect, exacerbate it.
  • Social Media makes us depressed. There are studies that prove it. But do you need a study to know it's true?

The Awake Mindfulness Clock

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Howdy! My name is L.R.

I keep using the first person so I thought I'd introduce myself. My relationship with my phone was out-of-balance so I created the Awake Mindfulness Clock. I thought others might need one too. The rest of the story is below. 

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I Had a Problem: My Phone Was Overly-Integrated Into My Life

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not giving up my phone anytime soon.

I can't get through a day of normal living without it. I rely on it for essential activities.

Paying a parking meter. Buying a cup of coffee. Getting into a movie. Summoning a car service.

Utility alone ensures that I have my phone in my hand many times a day.

If I had a dumbphone it would be no big deal. It would be like relying on a key that unlocks a door (something smartphones also do).

But none of that takes into account what we primarily use our phones for, and why our relationships with our phones are anything but straightforward.

Two daily events finally got to me

1. My phone was in my hand when I woke up

My phone was my alarm clock. Every morning it would sound and I would pick it up to turn it off.

My thumb would almost automatically press a social media button. A half-hour or more might pass and I would still be lying there.

Eventually I would get up to meditate, but a minor feeling of guilt crept into my consciousness. That guilty feeling accumulated day after day after day, month after month. I felt like my life was passing me by.  

2. My timer app became a social media app

One day I opened my eyes after my 20 minute timer rang and found that my meditation app was trying to connect me with someone who had "finished meditating nearby."

Hmmm. A new feature.

As much as I like to connect with like-minded people, I'm not trying to do so the second I come out of meditation. Seeing other notifications isn't what I'm going for either.

Also, sometimes my foot falls asleep while sitting crosslegged. While I wait out the pins and needles, I happen to have my phone in my hand, fresh from closing my timer. Hello (again) Instagram, goodbye ten minutes (or twenty, or thirty...).

I needed to do something about my phone use and I knew the tool that was required.

 I looked around for the solution I wanted and it didn't exist.

Actually, it did exist, but what should have been simple and inexpensive was complicated and cost over $100.

What was it? It was a revolutionary piece of technology called...an alarm clock.

If all I needed was an alarm clock, that would have been easy. But I needed an alarm clock with a timer for meditation.

So even though it cost way to much, I bought the $110 version.

Guess what? The grip my phone had on me was so tight that once I got this expensive clock, I left it in the box in another room.

For a month!

I didn't want to part with my phone use, I was addicted to scrolling through Twitter after I got into bed for the night. After catching up on my feed I would usually cycle through the other social media apps, probably check my email again (even though it was midnight) and then see what new tweets showed up during the time I was away.

Not everyone has this kind of usage. I was a single dude who worked from afternoon into the night. A married couple with kids might not have the luxury of time that I had (and was squandering). They have other urgencies from the moment they wake up.

Or a woman who works at 9am and wakes up at 6:30 won't be on her phone for an hour. She simply doesn't have time.

But I talked to enough people about this to discover that almost everyone had some version of it. And most of them weren't happy about it.

Why do so many people I talk to have an uncomfortable relationship with their phones?

NOT-SO-FUN PHONE FACTS: Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Our phones are designed to addict us. We get dopamine hits while we interact with them. Unfortunately, constant low-grade dopamine hits lead to fatigue, not happiness. Have you ever left a session of Facebooking feeling a little stressed? Low-grade tension at the temples and/or base of your neck?
  • Dubious cycle: being connected induces FOMO (which produces the stress horomone cortisol); FOMO is temporarily relieved when we check our phones. Therefore...we are drawn to checking our phones more often
  • Social media companies know more about us (and through us, they know about our friends, even if they're not on social media) than we can probably imagine
  • Being on social media makes us depressed
  • Americans spend an average of FOUR HOURS per day on their phones.  YES: FOUR. HOURS.
  • Human beings are designed to be distracted. It kept us alive long enough to evolve to this point. App designers consciously use this to keep us hooked on their apps.
  • Our attention spans are shortening. When's the last time you read a whole book? Or even a feature-length magazine piece?
  • If you read on a device, the constant links break up your attention span whether you click them or not. Each hyperlink requires a decision: Do I click? Do I not click? Do I click? Do I not click? Bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt
  • As our attention spans and abilities to focus decrease, we become easier targets for people wanting to exploit us
  • Oxymoron alert: being on our phones keeps us in an intensely focussed state of distraction
  • Our devices emit blue light that messes with our circadian rhythms. Our sleep is impaired which affects our judgement, mood, ability to learn, ability to create.............

Now that we know more about the downsides of phone usage....

I had bought $110 clock that I wasn't using. But as I learned more about the pitfalls of phone use, I thought it was time to take action. I finally took the clock out of the box and put it on my bedstand.

I plugged in my phone in another room, went to my bedroom and got into bed.

I read a book, something I intended to do every night when I went to bed, but I would always get sucked into my phone instead.

What was it like? Well......

My brain was twitchy. Things would come to me that I wanted my phone for. A text I wanted to send. Something I remembered I had been meaning to look up. A place I wanted to see the specific geographic location of.

I would physically turn my head and look at my bed table.

THAT'S CRAZY. My brain was twitching. It was looking for something it knew wasn't there.

As bizarre as that feeling was, the upside was phenomenal.

I read a whole book.

Every morning I woke up and meditated without my phone. It was amazing.

After meditation I would go to the kitchen, walking right past the room with my phone in it. I was enjoying my nightly phone hiatus so much that I found myself extending it through breakfast.

Then I would retrieve my phone and resume a connected, modern life. I have friends and obligations and things I want to do in the world. Communication is critical.

Taking a nightly break from being connected improved my life.

Immeasurably and immediately.

That's a vague statement. Here are some specifics:

  • I began to read books again
  • My sleep was more restful. When I woke up in the middle of the night I didn't (couldn't!) reach for my phone. Amazing.
  • Phone-twitch went away
  • Meditation felt better. It wasn't necessarily deeper, but it was better. Maybe it was simply the satisfaction of not having the option of being connected to the outside world
  • My social media consumption plummeted. Because I wasn't on it before and after sleep, for some reason I wasn't on it as much overall. I still use it and scroll through it, but it's no longer reflexive, it's recreational
  • I'm more present. Because I'm on social media less, I have my phone out less. Stated a different way: I have less of a desire to have my phone out

Taking a nightly break from being connected improved my life — immeasurably and immediately

  • I began to read books again
  • My sleep was more restful
  • Phone-twitch went away
  • Meditation felt better. It wasn't necessarily deeper — maybe it was simply the satisfaction of not having the option of being connected to the outside world
  • My social media consumption plummeted. Because I wasn't on it before and after sleep, for some reason I wasn't on it as much overall. I still have it and scroll through it, but it's no longer reflexive, it's recreational
  • I'm more present. Because I'm on social media less, I have my phone out less. Stated a different way: I have less of a desire to have my phone out

Inspired by my new relationship with my phone, I decided to make the solution I couldn't find

It shouldn't have been hard to find an affordable non-internet-connected clock that could also serve as a meditation timer and that didn't have a jarring, annoying, stress-inducing beeping alert sound.

But it didn't exist. 

My life felt so much better, I knew other people would want the same for themselves. In fact, three different people who I told about the mindfulness clock said, unprompted, "I want one." 

The fourth person to say "I want one"

A few people were underwhelmed by the idea. Which was fine! Obviously not everyone alive needs a break from their phone (though most people probably do :) ). But I knew there were more people out there who were ready for one ASAP.

So – after working closely with a manufacturer over the last six months – I have something ready to offer.


The Awake Mindfulness Clock

The Awake Mindfulness Clock is an unconnected-to-the-internet, actual, physical alarm clock & meditation timer designed to help you get your phone away from your cushion, out of your bedroom, and out of your mind.

If you use this clock your life will get better. Guaranteed.

Some of the immediate benefits include:

  • Post-meditation grace period  You won't be looking at your phone (and potential notifications) as soon as your eyes open when you use Awake's meditation timer
  • Sleep better Using Awake's alarm clock means you can charge your phone in another room overnight and you won't be using it as you doze off
  • Low-cortisol wake-up  A gentle chime rouses you from sleep without shocking your system into releasing stress hormones
  • Ease into your day, even if for just a few minutes  With a separate alarm, your phone won't be in your hand when you wake up. Begin your day without immediately reacting.....to emails, texts, posts......

Offgrid Tools to Support a Mindful Life

A distraction-free alarm clock fosters your truly deep rest

A meditation timer that won't connect you with the outside world when you're going inward

Soothing chimes gently welcome you – not jolt you – back to full consciousness

Program timer intervals to facilitate yoga asana as well as meditation

Use as an offline pomodoro timer to keep your five minute break from extending through your next work session

Here are the straightforward combination of features that cannot be found in any other simple, easy-to-use table clock:

  • Clock with 12 or 24 hour format
  • Meditation timer with settings for warm-up, intervals, and total duration
  • Alarm clock function
  • Wind chime alert sound

That's it.

And that's the point. It's not a smartphone that can do everything. It's a clock that was designed specifically to perform these three functions:

  • 1
    Tell you what time it is
  • 2
    Serve as a meditation timer
  • 3
    Alert you gently when you tell it to

The most important thing the Awake Mindfulness Clock was designed to do is:

  • 4
    Buffer you from social media and the internet for short periods of time of your choosing.

That said, the Awake Mindfulness Clock can be used for a variety of mindful activities:

  • It will wake you up from a night's sleep (That's the "alarm clock" part...)
  • It will serve as a meditation timer which can be set to sound after a warm-up period of your choosing, after regular intervals (if you want those), and after a total duration. The programming is incredibly simple. The timer will also count up from zero after the total duration is over.
  • It could be used for a yoga flow with regular, chosen intervals that you set to indicate pose changes
  • It's an ideal productivity tool as a pomodoro timer. Not being connected to the internet and social media is a HUGE safeguard against getting sucked into a time-wasting scrolling session. (BTW if that happens to you regularly – and of course it does, it happens to everyone – it's not your fault; we're wired that way and companies are taking advantage of us. Don't beat yourself up.)
  • It could be used as a (mindful?) kitchen timer that you can touch with wet or greasy hands and not sweat it because this timer is not a pocket computer that is more powerful than any computer Bill Clinton had access to when he was president of the United States and which does not cost between 500 and 1000 dollars.
  • Anywhere you would use a timer on your phone you could use the Awake Mindfulness Clock: in a massage session, a therapy session, a coaching session, during any sort of exercise intervals...let me know what else you plan on using it for.

Get your phone away from your meditation cushion and out of your mind. Bring the Awake Mindfulness Clock into your home for $27 (40% off, and the lowest price you will ever see online).

The not-very-mindful yet genuine sentiment expressed by three four people when they each heard about the pending existence of the Awake Mindfulness Clock. Was it because they knew how much it would help them?

L.R. Laggy, Owner

Offgrid Mindfulness

I guarantee that your life will be better or you can have your money back

Hello again. I've said the word guarantee or something similar a handful of times on this webpage. And I mean it. If you get the Awake Mindfulness Clock and for 30 days you use it – and by "use it" I mean you leave your phone in another room every night and meditate with it, I guarantee that your life will be better. There's simply no way that won't be the case.

If that's not your experience then I'll give you your money back. Get in touch with us at the email address or phone number below. Cheers!

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