My smartphone use was out of control.
How is yours?

Offgrid Mindfulness founder L.R. at Zuni Cafe

Hi there! My name is L.R.  I have a passion for food and hospitality so I work as a server in a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado.

In 2018 I realized I had a problem — I was on my smartphone too much. After some struggling and some searching, I made one simple change and my life became immeasurably better.

Origin Story

I'm not a Luddite, and you're probably not either. I need my phone to function in today's world.

I don't just need it, I like it — my smartphone enhances my life in many ways. It's a great camera, an on-the-go source of music and podcasts, and it tracks me on long bike rides.

But in early 2018 two things happened that allowed me to see that my smartphone usage was out of control. 

I write more extensively about my eye-opening realizations in this blog post. For now, it suffices to say that I was on my phone too much. This was most apparent at night before bed (in bed, actually) and in the morning (also in bed, and then during and after meditation).

I eventually identified what I needed to do: I needed to protect myself from myself. Our smartphones are designed to addict us, and part of the definition of addiction is that you can't stop doing something, even if you really want to or know you shouldn't be doing it.

Have you ever felt slightly gross or ashamed after a social media session that went on way longer than you wanted it to?

If my phone was in my bedroom, it found it's way into my hand. I needed to keep my phone out of my bedroom. The way to do this was with an alarm clock.

But I also needed a meditation timer.

It turns out only one meditation timer and alarm clock existed. I splurged on it (it was over $100) and began charging my phone overnight in another room.

This is the change I mentioned above, the one that made my life immeasurably better. It's impossible to overstate how much better I felt after the first day (Again, more details in this blog post.)

I knew that if I was having this problem, others were too. And I knew that while the solution I came up with was working for me, the tool I was using could be better.

This led me to create the simple and effective Offgrid Mindfulness Clock.

Meditation timer and alarm clock

It's a mediation timer that's not connected to the internet. You won't receive notifications of any kind when you're finished with your meditation session.

Whether or not you meditate, it's a clean and elegant alarm clock. You can charge your phone in another room overnight.

It has a wind chime alert sound so you won't be jarred back to consciousness. You can set the sound to be soft or loud depending on what you're up to and how deep you sleep.

It's big enough to work as a bedside clock and small enough to travel with.

That's really it. In my experience in talking with people about this topic in general and the Awake clock in particular, you either get it or you don't.

Some people don't have a problem using their phone for everything. Others know they have a problem but don't want to change; I have a friend who admits that he's not ready to give up being on Twitter every night before he goes to sleep.

But if you do think you might have a problem, The Offgrid Mindfulness Clock could be the tool to help you break your nighttime addiction. 

You can read more about it here. And feel free to email me with any questions.

Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you all the best.