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My Smartphone Was in My Hand Whenever I Woke Up or Stopped Meditating

Offgrid Mindfulness founder L.R. at Zuni Cafe

Hi there! My name is L.R.  I love food and hospitality so I work as a server in a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado.

In 2018 I realized I had a problem — I was on my smartphone too much, especially in bed.

I also was using my phone as a mediation timer, and I found myself getting sucked into the internet right after meditating. Not ideal.

I came up with a solution which involved using a physical clock/timer in my bedroom and charging my phone overnight in another room.

None of the clock/timers available had the simple, specific features that seemed like no-brainers to me. So I designed my own.

The Awake Mindfulness Clock

The Awake Mindfulness Clock


The meditation timer and alarm clock that gently rouses you from your (in)activity with a calming chime

The Beginnings of a Family Business

I used my savings for the development and production of the first 200 clocks. When the clocks are finished I'll be sending them out to people from my mom's garage.

The Awake Mindfulness Clocks will be ready on August 1st are ready!

The Offgrid Mindfulness Vision:
Freedom, Connection, and Presence

As this endeavor became more involved, I realized I needed a guiding vision to come back to when I faced setbacks (there have been a few), or if I didn't want to do any work before going to my day (night) job, or whenever I had to write a check for a substantial amount of money (there have been a few of these as well).

What resonated most is the vision statement I use in my personal life. What do I want in life, for me as well as for the people I seek to serve?

Freedom, connection, and presence.

My phone use was taking up my time and sucking the joy out of my life, and I had no control over it. When I determined a solution, the tool I found – as imperfect as it was – helped me restore freedom and joy to my life.

My hope is that my version of this simple tool – a meditation timer and alarm clock – can help others facilitate some freedom and joy in their own lives.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to email me with any questions.

Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you all the best.



Do you...
...meditate with your phone?
...use your phone in bed?

If you think you could gain a little (or a lot) of freedom and joy by using this simple, elegant, unconnected-to-the-internet meditation timer and alarm clock, what are you waiting for?

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