Coronavirus Information

Hello friends, and greetings from a once-again snowy Boulder CO. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that something’s happening. As I read in the Tim Ferris newsletter that pushed me into taking the coronavirus disease more seriously, “Hope is not a strategy.” As I imagine many of you found this weekend, grocery stores …

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Trees and Breath

Hello friends! Happy Monday from snowy Boulder CO.  An “odditree” is a tree, or part of a tree, that deviates from what is to be expected—and is most often an internal response to external conditions.– Odditree Society, Austin TXWhy is this early February edition of Mindful Mondays about trees? It has to do with the not-so-veiled metaphorical …

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Resolution Pre-gaming

This post was originally sent as our Mindful Mondays newsletter on December 23, 2019. Join us! You can sign up on the sidebar or here.Hello hello!  There is some New Year’s Resolution related material further on down this email, but first…  *  *  *As we approach Christmas day I’d like to welcome you to Mindful Mondays 🙂This …

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