Relationships. Ooof.

(Note: I’m hesitant to share but my girlfriend, Ginny, has said previously that the world needs more examples of emotional masculine leadership. She didn’t mean this essay or necessarily even me, but I’m taking it as an uncomfortable cue nonetheless.)   Hello friends 🙂  Happy Memorial Day from Boulder CO.   I hope you’re enjoying it in …

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Farmers’ Market

Hellllllloooo friends. Rainy today in Boulder, typical for May though we haven’t had much rain this year. We’ll see how the rest of spring shapes up. —– Farmers’ Market: Community and Food in the time of Coronavirus I live a pretty idyllic quarantine lifestyle. I have two roommates and we get along well, actually enjoying each others’ company. …

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Environment Design

Howdy from a 70+ degree, sunny Boulder CO.   When I first moved into my current house I was disappointed that it sits on a corner. There’s a fairly-regular stream of cars and I can hear them in my bedroom. It’s nothing like the cacophony I experienced in New York City, but that’s one of the reasons …

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Hello friends! Greetings from a once-again snowy Boulder CO.    Last week vs this week photo above 🙂 No-phone updateLast week I mentioned a reader who reached out for an accountability partner. Last night was her eighth straight no-phone-after 11pm night — she’s doing it!  If you’re struggling with phone use and want to talk to someone about it, …

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Quarantine Etymology

It’s all about attention. Last week I offered extended excerpts of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s observations on the importance of paying attention to the present moment.  This week I’ve been thinking about how truly difficult it is for us to pay attention to what we’re paying attention to. A term came to me regarding one of our challenges as a society: the …

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Hello friends. Somber greetings from Boulder CO. I thought I was going to write a little about mindfulness, but I got derailed when I found out that the restaurant where I (love to) work closed today for an indefinite period of time. We (now it’s “they,” I suppose) will be offering takeaway and delivery, facilitated by …

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