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A Little More Information

I love the internet. Specifically, I love reading blogs and magazines and other writings, and, to a lesser extent, watching videos. I also listen to my fair share of podcasts, usually while riding my bike to and from work, or driving to my mom’s house, 20 minutes away.

(For the record, Offgrid Mindfulness is about having boundaries with technology and using it for connection, not banishing tech from our lives altogether.)

Every Monday (most Mondays?) I’ll share a theme and some related information from around the world wide web.

Themes will include meditation, spirituality, creativity, digital wellness, productivity, relationships…….

Anything is fair game that’s directly or tangentially related to living life with intention.

Who knows what might happen! That’s part of the adventure, and we're excited to share it with you.

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We will not give/sell/share your email with anyone and we won't spam you.